Sunday, January 15, 2017

Not. One. Drop.

And that was a bit of a relief I must say.

It's been a while I know,  since I've uttered a peep.   I'd like to say "time constraints" or some such nonsense,  but I have to admit that it has more to do with laziness and figuring that it's not that Earth shattering to warrant a blog post.  You believe that,  right?

I should,  I suppose,  be a little more in touch with what's happening in the "Blogoshere",  but that too falls by the wayside when life starts to crowd out blogging.  Let's not forget laziness.
Then, I would have been more aware of the passing of a blogger I had followed since way back in our Vienna days.
The first shocker was when he came home to find his wife Loyce slumped over in a chair,  where she had passed away possibly a few hours earlier.   That sad day was a few years ago, September of 2013 to be exact.
And since then, he had been getting along,  A little lost,  as he put it, but had still managed to keep up with his blog,    Retired Rod

I just discovered yesterday,  or maybe it was a couple days ago,  that he too has passed away,  and that he had been afflicted with brain cancer and underwent surgery in March of last year.  Whoa!  What?

And you know, at one point when T.C. and I were doing our Christmas cards (yes, we still do that) we came to the realisation that the list wasn't getting smaller as a result of being shunned or snubbed or anything,  but rather,  that some of the recipients were starting to die off.    

Not that that has anything to do with Rod or his wife or anything,  but it's just one of those moments when you stop and think.

Let's just stop right there,  before I get all maudlin.


So.   The dripping?  Or lack thereof?

Well,  I think I left off before Christmas with some drivel about the bathroom Reno?   Probably.
Oh and,  Christmas?

Right.  Merry Christmas.   Happy New Year.

The three wise guys showed up on the sixth of January,  like they do every year.

The tree is already down and out.

Or course there was a moratorium on the Reno over the Christmas time,  which was fine with me,  it's not like I'm in that much of a hurry,  but now I'm back to plugging away.
And I should mention, that I had alluded to a slight "mishap"  when I was whackin' the crap out of that cast iron tub?   See,  the plan was to KEEP the sink,  so we'd not only have use of the Water Closet ("toilet" for the rest of you.)  but be able to brush teeth and wash hands and such.

You know,  just over Christmas.

Um, er, well,  see,  a five pound sledge hammer and a porcelain sink?   They don't get along.
As I was whacking away at the tub,  and it was moving ever so surreptitiously from its original spot,  one slip of the sledge, (say that ten times fast!)  and the likelihood of the sink holding water with those two big pieces missing was slim, to say the least.  Didn't take any pictures.  Sorry.

So the sink has been gone for a time.  In an "emergency"  one can still use the crapper,  but then you need to find another washroom to wash ones front feet.   Not the best arrangement.

Of course,  since I'm an idiot, (see sink 'removal' above)  I realised that,  I should have fit my shower pan in BEFORE putting up the cement board,  but that was easily remedied.  Plus, I'd rather do all the messy business before putting in that rather large and easily scratched shower pan.

The next wee job was to hook up the water supply for the new fixtures.

Always fun.

Not only that but,  due to the somewhat challenging location of where the new lines need to go,  I decided to go with Pex  pipe and fittings.  It was either that,  or rip open even more of the garage ceiling,  which really didn't thrill me.
You still have to join the pex to the existing copper,  so there was still some open flame involved,  which most always results in,  "I can smell something!"   from T.C.

Which is exactly why I tend to do those sorts of activities when she's not home.

And that is also why I waited until this morning to open the valves to the new lines.

Now,  normally,  you let the water run into the pan,  (I guess)  and that's usually after all the walls are up and tiled.  But, I really wanted to make sure that NOTHING was leaking,  so no pan with a convenient drain,  which presented a slight problem.  How to keep the water from blasting out of the open fittings?

As it so happens,  I have a couple old hose bibs kicking around,  and they're the type that screw into a threaded fitting.
Easy peasy.

Well,  the one in the picture above just happened to be soldered onto an existing pipe,  and I forget where exactly I cut that one off,  but all I had to do was solder the female fitting onto the end,  and then connect it to the nipple sticking out of the imaginary wall.   That outlet,  by the way,  is for the hand held shower head.  Just so you know.

And of course,  there's the opening for the "rain shower" up top.

Since I wanted to actually run the water,  I needed a couple buckets.    Doesn't look very elegant,  and I suspect we won't be leaving it that way for the final product.   "There we go Honey,  just hook a hose!  It'll be fine!"


And well.  Nothing leaks.

I do have those rare moments of clarity.

And,  now I guess I have to get back at it.

Keep those sticks on the ice,   and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Is how I would describe our temperatures for the last few days.
And here you thought I was talking about my demeanour?   Only on certain days.

It was "warmer" today,  but of course (of course!) the wind was so furious that it felt like "bitter".   Geeez!

But hey,  it's winter.  And here we are.  We've been warmer.  Glad for central heat is all.

I'm at a bit of a Christmas standstill on the bathroom front.
As I mentioned,  the tub is out.  Took it off to the metal recycling place yesterday.
It only weighed 220?  Seemed heavier.  Whatever.  Got a little cash.  Enough for breakfast.

Normally I don't bother with that whole "going over the scales" thing,  and simply put metal stuff out at the curb.  It magically disappears.  Always.  Dishwashers,  stoves,  you name it.  Even (or maybe especially) my old defunct snow thrower.  
But I was curious,  and there were a few other metal bits that I had been saving up.  Hate to see metal stuff go into the landfill.  It all can be re-used.

Then tomorrow,  it'll be another trip to the "Transfer Station"  (read..."Landfill")  with load number three of renovation stuff.

I'll try and save the boxes if I can.  Sometimes the "helpers" are a little overly helpful.

This is why we didn't get a bin.  No need with the pick-up truck.  Came in handy on Sunday for our annual Christmas Tree foraging expedition as well.  (And THAT was cold,  let me tell ya.)

Not much else going on.  I do have a few more bathroom pics,  but certainly nothing earth shattering.

I'm using cement board for the shower surround.  I have yet to build the third wall.  That'll be after Christmas at this point.
The house is "masonry brick"  construction.  On the other side of that tar paper is a thin layer of parging,  cinder block and brick.  A bit different from "balloon frame" construction that's used these days.  
Um,  it isn't going anywhere.
Unlike our neighbour's house just behind us,  there are no ominous cracks running anywhere.  The downside however is,  the only "insulation" is an air space between the tar paper and the inside wall.
Somehow that doesn't seem...adequate.

So that's the reason I'm putting in foil backed Styrofoam.  Has to help.  That,  and sealing any and all cracks with spray foam does make a difference.  This place was drafty like you wouldn't believe when we first moved here!    New windows made a huge difference,  along with trying to seal up just about any gap I could find with the aforementioned spray foam.  Awesome stuff,  even though a little expensive.

That's about it for today.

It's this or silence.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep that stick on the ice.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now what?

As of today   Monday,  I was up to this point.

And of course,  this tub probably weighs more than my tablesaw.  Like,  we're talking...heavy.  This thing is maybe 600lbs?   Don't know.  

Won't ever know.

So, after having a little discussion about getting it out of there,  Travelling Companion put in a request to some sort of  "Junk Removal" place.   There's a "scheduled appointment" for tomorrow some time.  I forget when,  and it doesn't matter,  since they were supposed to contact me at some point to confirm.  Haven't heard a peep.

As of today I was starting to get a little agitated,  since I can't do too darned much except fuss with the drywall on the one bit to the left there,  since I really need this thing out of here.

Tried calling.  Line's busy.  AND,  it turns out there were a couple less than stellar reviews on Yelp.  Hm.  OK then.  Called somebody else.

Or,  chatted with someone else,  as I was looking on a particular website and a chat window popped up in the lower right hand corner.

Now, quite often I either ignore that kind of thing,  or move on or whatever,  but this time around I needed someone to come and take a look.  So I started "chatting" with Alison, or Andrea or whoever the heck it was. 

And so,  this afternoon at the scheduled time,  sure enough a young feller from ANOTHER junk removal place showed up.

You might have figured out by now that,  I was really looking for the easy way out?  Like,  Muggins here didn't want to do any heavy lifting. Period.

Now,  I have to say first of all,  he wasn't all that big.  I mean,  I was expecting a big burly guy.  Junk is usually heavy.  
I mean I know,  little guys can be all "wiry" and strong and shit,  but if you're 98 pounds sopping wet, that doesn't exactly instil a lot of confidence.
I'm just saying.

Anyway,  he took a couple pics,  went out to the truck to call his boss,  and came back in to report that, "they couldn't do it".

Ah.  Youth and exuberance.  Or well,  youth and inexperience.

So,  whereas he was talking about at least four guys and the fact that they don't have any straps,  and that they've had issues before, etc. etc. It turns out that all that was required was,  one old guy and a sledge hammer.

See,  it's cast iron.   Now,  there are a couple different types of cast iron,  and if I had hearkened back to when we had our oil tank removed,  I should have recalled when the owner of the plumbing company put on his overalls,  grabbed a framing hammer,  hopped up on the tank (ya, I'm not kidding)  and gave the inlet pipe a whack.  Whereupon it broke into several pieces.  I can't remember the term he used,  but let's just say,  it was the kind of cast iron that you can break.

I was kind of hoping for the same.

Turns out I got lucky.

And that kids,  is how it's done.

Now,  I'll readily admit that,  THIS IS HARD WORK.  I mean,  I've swung the sledge hammer here and there to drive in the odd stake or whatever, BUT beating on cast iron tends to make you break a sweat.   And even the pieces that were maybe no bigger than the size of a serving tray were HEAVY.  

Anyway,  it's done.  Now I can go on with my shower "prep".   And well,  I still have a whole bunch of tile to remove.   We did have a little "collateral damage",  but I won't go into that here.  
Such fun.

Thanks for lookin'.

Sticks.  Ice.  You know.